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Discover how you may be able to save hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars yearly.

I am a local property tax consultant with over 25 years of experience in this specific area of property tax law. I have successfully represented over 7,000  Westchester homeowners since 1993. I have been interviewed by the New York Times, the Journal News, Kiplinger’s and WFAS AM Radio on property tax reduction.


I will evaluate your property at no cost to you. If you are over assessed, I will prepare your case and represent an appeal of your property tax assessment at the various levels of review. I am skilled in developing and providing the considerable documentation needed in order to lower your property tax. In a tax grievance proceeding your taxes cannot be increased — but your savings could be as much as 25% off your tax bill.


A reduction in your assessment will reduce your school, city and county taxes. There is no “fine print” or “catch” here. I GUARANTEE my service is ABSOLUTELY FREE unless I successfully reduce your taxes. There are no up-front fees and no appraisal fees. If successful, you simply pay 50% of your first year’s tax savings. Your tax appeal application is therefore risk-free to you.


If your Town has recently completed or is about to undergo a reassessment, then now is the BEST time to contact me to determine if the property tax value of your home is fair or should be appealed.


Download my Designation of Representation to get started


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